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Submitted on
May 1, 2013


95 (who?)
***************UPDATED AND NEW RULES*************

It will no longer be 50 points, it will be 100:points: to win!
I understand a lot of you are saying that this is too much to do for so small, well, all I have ATM is 100. So, I will give out the 100, to make it more fair, and not get such a small amount. Thanks everyone!!!

Oh and, sorry if I come off a little rude, but
Stop ranting, bros. It's annoying. It REALLY is.
it's 100:points: now, and PLEASE don't go on saying how that isn't enough either, that is literally ALL I have, and I made those points myself, by adoptables on another account of mine, and I'm taking my effort in getting those points, and giving them out. PLEASE be appreciative. It would mean a lot. (:

:bulletred:NEW RULES:bulletred:
The account has to be ACTIVE.
NO POINT ACCOUNTS ( Accounts that give points away )
DO NOT USE MORE THAN 1 ACCOUNT. If I get one of the UNACTIVE, new accounts you made, I will go on and pick another.
The account HAS TO BE AT LEAST 2 weeks old.
I have gotten a lot of comments about this lately, and I agree, it isn't fair.

Sorry if these rules sound too strict, but I don't like going through hate comments, and I do agree with them, too.


:iconrainbowplz::iconpervyspongebobplz: Here !
I am doing a giveaway because of my ALMOST 10,000 PAGE VIEWS !!!:iconrainbowplz:

Wanna know how you can win 100:points: ? REAL easily? Here's how you can win the points !

:bulletred:STEP ONE:bulletred: FAVORITE :+fav: THIS JOURNAL! c:
:bulletorange:STEP TWO:bulletorange: :+devwatch: :iconpervyspongebobplz:
:bulletyellow: STEP THREE:bulletyellow: Then, make a journal, with the heading of, "Win 100 points here!" Or anywhere along the lines of winning 100 points for free.
:bulletgreen:STEP FOUR:bulletgreen: Then, you MUST have the link to THIS journal in your journal !
:bulletblue:STEP FIVE:bulletblue:After that, comment on THIS journal the link to YOUR journal!
:bulletpurple: I will then reply to your comment, notifying you that I have your name.
:bulletpink:Your name will then be put onto this journal and you have a chance to win 100:points:

{{{{{THIS WILL BE ENDING MAY 15th 2013}}}}}}
I love all my :+devwatch:er's! Thanks sooo much for the support, this is the reason why I am an active PLZ account, because of all your support !
These points are all the points that I have gotten from YOU !
All of the donation pool points. And I'm trying to give back to everyone.
It seriously makes me just SO happy to see everyone commenting on my page :la: ( Even if it's only for llamas ! :llama: )

[Names] 1.olokp2.viki12rocks3.AngelicalSweetie4.TFP-PetFormers5.DecepticonDanceParty6.DXDerpXD7.Biagotmilkandjelly8.vansc149.PrincessLadyRose200110.musicismylife7811:.Dieblue12.ToaTenitrus13.AquaArtist53214.thegameboykid1315.Jazzywazzy10116.Asgardian-Mischief17.LaughterLover18.Fruity2619.Noori-mii19.Youstillwatchwinx20.Furinsuka21.XxDarkMelodyxX22.KollapsMaster23.PaigeMichaelisJ24.KGcool25.WetmyPlants26.Kirby-Tree27.W0RLD-EATER28.TheScribbler1229.Camil199930.Feebas-Hunter31.fennekinlaplz32.Axelsgirl1533.hatsuneMikuAndGhibli34.World-Detective-L35.j414200036.Placemario37.EwDont38.DragonFlyer13939.HeartANGELfied40.Clovis-thecutestcat41.bandgeek4evur42.TheMugenGuy43.danlayton44.bri563645.DragonFilth83846.Malesx47.Manavi2348.akane049.ValentinaKucelj50.Kinetic-Passion51.Usami-Yuuri52.animeandmangayeah53.Design-a-tattoo54.Tyrone-and-Samantha55.JessyAdopts56.CoreyAMurray57.Eefwee58.ToonAlexSora00759.tanicthefoxishere2260.Invader-WLANMAN61.YukiSnowxx62.jademin63.xArtDevilx64.terrafinrules65.SuperMaster1066.Ayano2767.YvetteChan68.UkiyamiAngel69.NobbyWolf70.Animeartlover1271.onlyinvalidnameonly72.BeanFan11273.Malesx74.JayAmIn75.SapphireWolfStar76.enderflame10177.adorablestejidos78.Crystal-Mint
  • Listening to: Squidward eating like a maniac
  • Eating: Kraby patties
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