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:iconshaplz:Look, its me!

Or my fans, or my friends :meow:


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Hey guys, how long has it been ? Like 10 years ? Haha.

I just want to let you know i'm going to be active again !

I want to thank you guys so much for getting this plz popular, I have over 1500 mentions . 

That's incredible. So it's going to take awhile to give all the comments I have llamas, but I will get to all of you eventually ! (:

Also, I will be doing more stories like in my later journals, if you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look at these :meow:

HASH-SLINGING-SLASHER:iconsquidwardplz:And he replaced his hand... with a rusty spatula.
:iconsquidwardplz:And then... he got hit by a bus! :iconbusplz:
:iconsquidwardplz:And, as funeral, they fired him! :iconfiredplz:
:iconsquidwardplz:So now... every... What day is it? :iconconfusedface-plz:
:iconspongebobplz:: Tuesday-
:iconsquidwardplz: TUESDAY NIGHT!!! His ghost returns to the Krusty Krab to wreak his horrible vengeance
:iconspongebobplz:: :iconle-gaspplz: But tonight's Tuesday night!
:iconsquidwardplz:: Then he'll be coming...
:iconspongebobplz:: :iconbig-eyesplz: HOW WILL WE KNOW
:iconsquidwardplz:: There are three signs that signal the approach of the Hash-Slinging-Slasher
:iconsquidwardplz:: FIRST :iconfirstplz: The lights with flicker on and off... THEN
:iconrandomguyplz:: Dude, can i have some ketchup?
:iconsquidwardplz:: Oh here you go. - hands ketchup -
:iconsquidwardplz:: NEXT.. The phone will ring, and there will be nobo

Just One Bite:iconsquidwardplz: - Walks to Patty Vault and opens the door-
:iconsquidwardplz:- HOLY SHRIMP! :iconshrimpplz:
:iconsquidwardplz:- I don't know where to start, but all that matters is that it's just :iconyou-plz:and :iconmeplz:and nobody-
:iconspongebobplz:- Squidward... is that you?
:iconsquidwardplz:- :iconsurprisefaceplz:
:iconsquidwardplz:- -Hides Krabby Patty Behind back- Spongebob! :iconspongebobplz: Uh gah uh duh uh..... What are YOU :iconkrabbypattyplz:doing here? -Puts krabby patty back behind back - :iconsweatplz:
:iconspongebobplz:- I always go to work a 3 AM :iconrapeface-plz:
:iconspongebobplz:- This is when I count the sesame seeds, what are you doing here? :iconconfusedplz:
:iconsquidwardplz:- Gah I'd forgot my uh.... :icontheyareontome:
:iconspongebobplz:- And why is the patty vault open?
:iconsquidwardplz:- Oh I thought that uh.... :iconomg-plz:
:iconspongebobplz:- And why are you holding a patty behind your back? :iconsuspiciousplz:
:iconsquidwardplz:- I I I I I GU I

Once again I'd just like to thank all of you c: :heart: 

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Spongebob Squarepants
United States

:bulletblue:Everyone who comments will get a llama badge. :iconllama-plz:
:bulletpurple:Everyone who I :+fav:, is probably Spongebob art, and I think It's "Nifty" c:
:bulletgreen: I don't :+devwatch: Anyone, except groups, sorry. :c

when I give you a badge, it proves I actually READ it. xD
If I didnt give you a badge, just tell me.
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